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Nic Pizzolatto On Art

I don’t think art is about expression. I don’t think that’s its primary motive. The primary motivation is communion with your fellow human beings. So it’s very frustrating to make something and nobody notices it. If you put on a play and nobody comes to it, did you really put on a play? But you just keep going. You remind yourself that people have been doing this as long as there have been people. And your frustrations and disappointments are nothing new. And you go back to the wheel.

Read the rest of the interview with Nic Pizzolatto over at The Daily Beast (it’s actually an older interview, but I just stumbled across it now). And pick up Pizzolatto’s novel Galveston which is right now just $2.99 on Kindle.

Tomorrow is the season finale of True Detective. I’m psyched. Are you?

Bloody Signorina

My friend Joseph D’Agnese got some very cool news the other day. His story “Bloody Signorina,” which originally appeared in the September 2013 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, has been nominated for a Derringer Award. And so, for a limited time, Joe is making the story available as a free ebook, which you can download at Smashwords. Check it out!

Tim Lebbon Gets Digital

Tim Lebbon is a great writer and a good friend, and for a while now I’ve been trying to talk him into releasing some of his work digitally. If you’re not aware, Tim is extremely prolific in terms of short stories and novellas, and ebooks seem to be an ideal medium for the novella. So finally, after much nagging on my part (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration), Tim has begun to release many of his critically-acclaimed novellas under his own publishing imprint Dreaming in Fire Press. The first release is his knock out novella White, which is one of the best novellas you’ll ever read. Forget the fact that it won the British Fantasy Award. Forget the fact it’s been optioned for a movie. Forget the fact it’s appeared in several “best of” anthologies. Just buy the damned thing already. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did. Tim plans to drop a new ebook every week for the next several weeks, so keep an eye out for more releases coming soon.

Rest In Peace Z. Constance Frost

I’m sorry to say Z. Constance Frost no longer exists. Well, she hasn’t existed for quite some time (or even at all), other than to have her name on the cover to my novel No Shelter. But now, to coincide with the upcoming release of Bullet Rain, No Shelter has gotten a new look, thanks to the talented Joe Simmons. Not only that, I’ve dropped the price to 99 cents for the next couple of days on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Plus, this new edition contains a preview of Bullet Rain. Enjoy!

The Legion Is Here


I’m happy to announce Legion is finally available. Early feedback has been great, and some readers are even calling it my best book yet. Here’s what the book is about:


An estranged father shoots himself in the head.


A message courier is pushed in front of an oncoming subway train.


A young woman kills her family before jumping off the roof of her apartment building.


Your name is John Smith. The Legion is coming for you. They want you dead, because you have a secret.

You just don’t know what it is.

Currently Legion is only available on Amazon, but should be coming to other platforms in the next couple months. If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s okay — Amazon has a Kindle app for practically every device.

The paperback should be out in a few weeks. If you’d like to pre-order a signed copy, email me at for details. If you order a paperback, I’ll throw in a free digital copy of the book as well.

Also, don’t forget to add Legion on Goodreads.


Coming Soon. Very Soon.


New Podcast: Nick Stephenson

A few days ago I spoke with Nick Stephenson, the author of the Leopold Blake series (including Panic, Departed, Wanted, and Paydown), about his books, how he got into self-publishing, and Eight the Hard Way (which is currently free via his website). Warning: I was coming down with a cold that day, so my voice sounds rather nasally during the recording. Otherwise, enjoy!

New Podcast: Nick Stephenson

And The Name Is …

A big thanks to everyone who entered the “Wanna Be In Legion?” contest. I wish I could include everyone, but unfortunately this time there’s only room for one name. But don’t worry — I love doing these little contests, and if possible I’ll try to do something like this for all of my books.

Anyway, using the True Random Number Generator courtesy of, the winner is …

Pete Tass

Congrats, Pete!

Thanks again to everyone who participated. I had fun doing this and plan to do more contests in the future.

Refuge Omnibus Edition Now Available

Refuge Omnibus Edition, which collects all five episodes by me, Jeremy Robinson (aka Jeremy Bishop), Daniel S. Boucher, David McAfee, and Kane Gilmour, is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Think Under the Dome meets Sliders and it’ll give you a good idea what the book is about.

Wanna Be In Legion?

I had so much fun with the last contest, I wanted to do it again, this time with my upcoming novel Legion.

As before, I’m not looking to turn someone into a character. Instead I’m just looking for a name, either male or female. In the book there’s a particular news article, and the name I’ll pick will be the author of said news article.

That’s all.

Want the name to be yours?

Let me know in the comments by Friday, January 31st.

I’ll pick a random winner and announce it here the next day, Saturday, February 1st.

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