Walk the Sky

Walk The Sky Reminder

The special introductory price of 99 cents for the Kindle edition of Walk the Sky (US and UK) ends in the next day or so, depending when the price changes over. There's still some time (but not a lot of time) left to enter the giveaway at Steve Umstead's blog to win a digital copy.

The paperback retails at $9.95, but right now Amazon has it priced at $6.56, which is over 30% off! Seriously, that's a great price, so grab it if dead trees are your thing.

Finally, remember that Monday night I'll be doing a reading here at 8:00 pm EST. Hope you can make it.

Walk The Sky Notes

I wrote a piece about collaborating with David B. Silva on Walk the Sky that Brian Keene was kind enough to post on his website. Steve Umstead invited me to talk about Walk the Sky and Westerns in general at his blog, where I'm also offering up five free copies of the book if you participate in the comments section.

Four copies of the paperback are up for grabs via Goodreads.

The book hasn't even been out a week and already it's cracked the Kindle top 100 for horror. As I write this, it's currently #67, but that's likely to change in the next hour. Fingers crossed that the ranking will go up, but more than likely it won't. Still, thanks so much to everyone who's purchased a copy so far. You're the best. I really wish Dave was still alive to see this. I'm sure he would be thrilled.


Walk The Sky Is Here

Walk the Sky is finally here in paperback and ebook (UK readers, click here). For now it's only available on Kindle at a special introductory price of 99 cents (regular price will come into effect later this week). While it is in the Select program (which means you can borrow it for free if you're a Prime member), there are no plans to make it free.

I believe Thunderstorm Books still has a handful of the limited edition hardcovers left, signed by both me and Dave. For those who pre-ordered the paperback, those should be shipped out later this week (I'm still waiting on copies). If you'd like a signed paperback, email me for details.

I hope you check out Walk the Sky and enjoy it. If so, please consider leaving a review at Amazon and Goodreads.

Finally, on Monday, April 22, I'll be doing a live reading here at my website. I've done these before with varying success. Basically, come here at 8 pm EST, and I'll be reading a chapter or two from Walk the Sky. I might even read something from my work in progress, which is a standalone novel that takes place in the Man of Wax universe (it's a prequel of sorts to the trilogy). As always, I'll welcome questions, like why the sky is blue and why do the birds and the bees constantly fight. Oh, and other stuff.

WALK THE SKY Paperback Pre-Order

Walk The Sky POD

Next month Walk the Sky will be released in both ebook and paperback. Originally, the plan was to offer pre-orders for readers who wanted copies signed by me and Dave. Obviously that now isn't going to happen. But if you'd still like to pre-order a paperback copy signed by me, let me know. The retail will be $9.95 USD, so for U.S. readers the cost would be $12 USD, for everyone else $20 USD. I hate to charge that much but international shipping is insane. You can send payments via PayPal to robert (at) robertswartwood (dot) com. Readers who purchase a paperback are also entitled to the ebook, which will be emailed just before the book is released.