With just over 350 stories submitted to the second annual Hint Fiction Contest in the last two weeks of April 2010, these were the winners and finalists chosen by best-selling author James Frey:

First place winner:

.com by Charles Lennox

In the address bar I type her name, first and last. I try:




The page cannot be displayed.

Second place winner:

ANOTHER NEW VASE by Christopher James

She found a place for the flowers. She thanked him for the necklace. It matched the last one. When he lifted her jaw she froze.

Third place winner:

LOVE STORY by James Cho

I’m washing glitter off my neck. She’s in the bedroom. I tell her to clap her hands so I know she’s not stealing anything.

Honorable Mentions:

  • BABY SKIN by Allison Gibson
  • PINK SLIP by Linda Simoni-Wastila