Meet Holly Lin. Nanny by day. Assassin by night.

Holly Lin is living two lives. To her friends and family, she’s a pleasant, hardworking nanny. To her boss and colleagues, she’s one of the best non-sanctioned government assassins in the world.

But when a recent mission goes wrong causing one of her team members to die, she realizes she might no longer be cut out for the work—except the mission, as it turns out, is only half over, and to complete it will take her halfway across the world and bring her face to face with a ghost from her past.

Things are about to get personal. And as Holly Lin’s enemies are about to find out, she is not a nanny they want to piss off.

Praise for No Shelter:

“Excellent—memorable and something I’ll read more than once.” —Roxane Gay, New York Times bestselling author of An Untamed State

“No Shelter is part mystery, part thriller suspense, and all kinds kick ass!” —The Man Eating Bookworm

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Read An Excerpt From No Shelter

My flight gets in at McCarran a few minutes before midnight. Nova picks me up in a stolen black Escalade reeking of stale cigarette smoke. 

The first thing he says to me: “I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t stolen.” 

The second thing he says to me: “You ready to kill some bad guys?” 

He drives us to our temporary base of operations, a cinderblock storage garage on the outskirts of the city. Inside the garage are a table set up with computers, a card table covered with weapons, and what looks like a brand new Lincoln Town Car. 

“Like it?” he asks me as we get out of the Escalade. “It’ll be your ride tonight.” 

“Can’t wait.” I walk over to the card table, look at the mini-arsenal of rifles and handguns. Then I glance over at Scooter on the computer. “What’s up, handsome?” 

He smiles at me, chomping away at his Bazooka Joe. “Hey, Holly, how was th-th-the flight?” 

“Too short. They didn’t even serve me one of those little tiny bag of peanuts I like so much.” 

Nova walks up to me, holding a manila folder. “So you want to know who the target is?” 

“I thought you’d never ask.” 

He clears a space at the table and pulls up two stools. I take one and he hands me the manila folder. Inside are surveillance shots of a middle-aged man in a suit, balding with bushy eyebrows and glasses. 

“Where’d you take these?” 

“Those were taken just outside the MGM Grand.” 

“That’s where he’s staying?” 

Nova shakes his head. “He’s staying at the Bellagio, but he’s been making stops at all the major casinos the past week.” 

I look up from the pictures, glance at Nova, then at Scooter. “Just how long have you guys been here?” 

“Week and a half.” 

“Walter never mentioned anything to me.” 

Still typing at the computer, his back to us, Scooter says, “Th-Th-That’s because we weren’t sure yet whether we’d need you.” 

“You really know how to make a girl feel special, Scooter.” I look back at the pictures. “So who’s the woman—his girlfriend?” 

In almost every photograph there is a tall thin blond woman beside the target, carrying a briefcase. 

“That little hottie right there,” Nova says, “is Delano’s personal assistant. Her name’s Alayna Gramont. Believe it or not, she used to be a model.” 

“Is that right?” 

Nodding, he says, “You better believe it.” 

“Do I need to worry about her?” 

“No. She won’t be there tonight.” 

I nod once, give Nova a serious look. “So what’s the deal?” 

He clears his throat. “The deal is he and his associates are having a party.” 


“And they’ve requested girls.” 

“Of course they did,” I say. “And I just bet this guy right here—what’s his name again?” 

“Roland Delano.” 

“I just bet Roland Delano has a thing for Asian chicks.” 

“Actually,” Scooter says, his back still to us, “the guy with the Asian fetish isn’t the target. It’s the target’s buddy.” 

Nova hands me another manila folder. Inside are more surveillance shots, this one of a large black man, his head bald, wearing wrap-around shades. 

“The bodyguard?” 

Nova nods. 

“And he’s the one that likes Asian chicks.” 

He nods again. 

I glance once more from Nova to Scooter, Scooter to Nova. “I’m going to be completely alone on this thing, aren’t I?” 

Nova says, “At least on the inside, yeah.” 

“Great.” I cross my arms, take a breath. “So what’s the plan?”