When eighteen-year-old Christopher Myers’ parents are murdered, something is written on his bedroom door, a mark in his parents’ blood that convinces the police the killer has targeted Christopher as the next victim.

The Calling is a powerful, gripping and terrifying novel, the sort that possesses your whole life while you’re reading it; it’ll stalk you through the day, and inform your dreams. Swartwood has delivered a novel that will become a classic.” —Tim Lebbon, New York Times bestselling author of The Silence and The Hunt

“Robert Swartwood’s The Calling is a diabolical rocket sled of a psychological thriller. Told through the vivid, almost druggy point of view of a young man on the edge, tangled in a web of tragedy and surreal horror, Swartwood’s novel gets under the skin and stays there. Highly recommended.” —Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor

“This novel is small town horror at its best.” —Hellnotes

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Recent News

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  • Better Weird: A Tribute to David B. Silva, featuring Robert's story "Muse," is now available as an ebook through Cemetery Dance.
  • Robert was interviewed about Hint Fiction at The Masters Review for Short Story Month.
  • Bestselling author Brian Keene had Robert on as the first guest of The Horror Show.