No Shelter

Full Throttle For the Holidays


For a very limited time, my six-ebook bundle Full Throttle is $4.99 (USD) on all platforms. It includes The Serial Killer's Wife, No Shelter, Bullet Rain, Legion, Man of Wax, and The Inner Circle.

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Merry Christmas!

Two Shot Sale

To celebrate Mother's Day (I guess?), Two Shot, which contains both The Serial Killer's Wife and No Shelter, is currently $2.99 for the next couple of days. That's over 50% off its regular price of $6.99, and if you take into account the fact both The Serial Killer's Wife and No Shelter retail at $4.99 each, it's a huge savings! Grab it on Kindle or Nook before it's too late.

Rest In Peace Z. Constance Frost

I'm sorry to say Z. Constance Frost no longer exists. Well, she hasn't existed for quite some time (or even at all), other than to have her name on the cover to my novel No Shelter. But now, to coincide with the upcoming release of Bullet Rain, No Shelter has gotten a new look, thanks to the talented Joe Simmons. Not only that, I've dropped the price to 99 cents for the next couple of days on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Plus, this new edition contains a preview of Bullet Rain. Enjoy!

Two For A Buck

Two Shot, my ebook which includes both The Serial Killer's Wife and No Shelter, is only 99 cents on Kindle, Nook, and iTunes for the next couple days.

That's two novels for just under a dollar.


If you have read both novels, please feel free to help spread the word and even leave a review at Amazon or B&N if you get a few spare moments.