Where's the Third Man of Wax Book?

That's the one question I'm asked most by readers, and the answer is always the same: It's coming.

I like Man of Wax, The Inner Circle, and Legion a lot, and I really do want to write the third book, but the sales haven't been strong for most of the series. Which means I'll be putting a lot of time and effort into a book that, in reality, won't sell very well (the third book of a trilogy, as you can imagine, always sells the least). If the books in the series were selling like gangbusters, you can guarantee I'd already have the third book out.

But — but! — I do plan to finish the blasted thing. I just have a few more projects to work on first — projects that will ensure I still have money coming in over several months, which is rather important. Right now I'm working on a project I can't talk about, and then the plan after that is to write two new Holly Lin novels, and THEN write the third Man of Wax book. However, I'm willing to make a deal with everyone. If the books in the Man of Wax series gets to a certain level of reviews, I'll tackle the third book after the project I'm working on right now.

Currently on Amazon Man of Wax as 87 reviews, The Inner Circle has 41, and Legion has 27. I'll make the third and final book a top priority when Man of Wax hits 100 reviews on Amazon, and The Inner Circle and Legion both hit 50 reviews each. I don't know when it happened, but Amazon doesn't even require you to write that much of a review anymore — just a few words will do. And the reason for this? The more reviews a book has, the more Amazon recommends it to readers, the more those books sell.

So ... whaddya waitin' on?