Because I Feel Like It

I don't know why it just hit me tonight, but I like self-promotion. Granted, I'm not one to lurk message boards and beg people to read my stuff or buy my books, but I like interacting with people on this blog and on Twitter and on Facebook. Obviously I want to keep all you friendly people coming back, plus I want to gain new readers. And what's the best way to do that?

Have random giveaways, of course!

My plan from here on out is, every time I have something published that isn't online (like a story in a magazine or anthology), I'll have a mini-contest here on the blog. What the contest will entail, I don't know (it will hopefully be different every time), but the winner will get said magazine or anthology or whatever.

Sound good?

You bet your sweet hiney it does.

And because I'm such a generous guy, our first giveaway is an old issue of Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, issue 33, published in 2004, which contains my story "Persistence" ... as well as in my bio a mention of a short film that was to be based on a short story of mine that never made it into existence (that's what you get for announcing news prematurely, kids).

To own your own copy of this fabulous issue of FMAM, signed by me, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section of this post by Friday midnight eastern time, and because my story is called "Persistence," in the comments say something you're persistent about. A random name will be picked and announced Saturday, when I'll post another anthology update.

May this be the start of something new and fun ...