And The Winners Are ...

First, I want to thank everyone for helping spread the word and participating in the contest. We had an amazing turnout this year, with just under 650 stories submitted, which isn’t too bad considering the contest was open for just two weeks. The past two years there have been 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and two honorable mentions; this year we're changing it up and only awarding one winner and one runner-up. Before I get to them, though, I did mention that I would be giving away copies of the Hint Fiction anthology signed by a number of the contributors at this past year's AWP. Besides the winner and runner-up, these three writers were randomly selected: Tracy Gonzalez, Fred Osuna, and Aisha Sultan.

Now, without further adieu, chosen by Joyce Carol Oates …


HERO by Trenton Orris 

They remembered him for the battles he fought in. She remembered him in the rocking chair on the porch at sunset, withered, telling fairy tales.



“Can you contact the dead?”

I pull a photo out of my back pocket.

She stares then hands it back. “He ain’t dead, honeypie.”

Congratulations to the winner and runner-up! And thanks once again to everyone who participated. I hope you had fun.