Even More Hint Covers, Chinese, Super 8

More covers by the University of North Texas graphic design students have been posted at their blog (here and here).

Last week I mentioned how the Dutch discovered Hint Fiction. Now it's the Chinese (and yes, they do plagiarize some of my original Hint Fiction essay without proper citation, and yes, they even rewrite Joe Schreiber's story "Progress" ... but also reprint it, so I guess that means it's okay).

I've mentioned before how I love movie trailers -- at least movie trailers that actually do their job and not give the entire movie away but instead give just enough to entice you to see the film. You know, a good hint. Anyway, have you seen the most recent trailer for Super 8? I have to say, this is going to be the biggest movie of the summer, without a doubt. Like a modern day Goonies.