Hint Fiction At Chestnut Hill Book Festival

Just a reminder that I will be at the Chestnut Hill Book Festival this Sunday afternoon at two o'clock along with anthology contributors John Cashman, Bruce Harris, and Minter Krotzer talking about Hint Fiction. You can view the entire schedule here.

The Serial Killer's Wife has been out for a few weeks now and I haven't really done much promotion on it. For The Calling I did a mini blog tour which helped spread the word. For The Dishonored Dead, I contacted a number of zombie websites about the book, and many of them were open to learning more. But for The Serial Killer's Wife ... there are just so many thriller and crime novels out there that this one sort of gets left behind. Not that it's not selling well so far, but it's difficult to make it stand out among all the rest like I was able to do with The Dishonored Dead. I am, however, stopping by a few blogs to promote the novel in the next couple of weeks, but nothing like I did back in April. I also hope to do another live reading here at this website, which will probably be sometime at the end of the month. In the mean time, look what I got.