Hint Fiction Contest Progress Report

Let's go over some stats, shall we? 648 stories were submitted to this year's Hint Fiction contest, which is about 300 stories more than had been submitted last year (in fact, after this post I'm just going to call it 650 because that sounds better and easier to remember).

Out of those 648 stories, 564 had titles, 84 had no titles (it's interesting to note that some of the submissions included one story with a title, one story without a title).

254 stories were submitted in the comments section.

After having done an initial pass, I picked out 112 stories that I felt required a second reading. Out of those 112 stories, only 6 had no titles.

This weekend I plan to read through those 112 stories and cut that number in half, if not more.

In the meantime, are you ready to rock?