It Is Done. Sort Of.

Last night I started sending out responses for the anthology. All acceptances have been sent out -- that was the first order of business -- and a good chunk of rejections, but there's another good chunk (well, okay, massive chunk) of people that still need to be notified. For some reason I thought I could do it all in one night, I really did. I know, I know -- what a clueless idiot.

But I know how quickly news spreads on this neato little thing we called the Interweb, and word will get around that some people have been accepted or rejected, and then some people -- that massive chunk -- will wonder, Hey, what about me?

Don't worry, nobody's forgetting about you. Unfortunately, if you haven't heard anything yet, it means a rejection is coming your way. Again, I wish I didn't have to let some of you know this way, but I've been staring at the computer screen now for six hours, it's about four a.m. right now, and I have to get up in five hours. I just. Can't. Do. It.

By tomorrow night I hope to respond to everyone else -- some seven hundred people -- and I hope to put up a list of the stories and authors who will appear in the anthology. It won't be an official table of contents, as that will be the next order of business (putting all those stories in some coherent order), but at least it will be something. Then, at some later point, I will post something about my experience, stuff I saw that I liked and didn't like, common trends, etc.

What's the main thing I took away from this?

If it ever happens again, I'm investing in a submission manager, that's what.

Now I must step away. Hopefully I can make it to my bed without falling over and knocking my head open. I really, really do. G'night.