An E-Pricing Revelation

For the longest time I dismissed the idea that, if you're e-publishing a short story, you should price it as much as a cup of Starbucks coffee. After all, it takes maybe ten, fifteen minutes to finish that cup of coffee. It might take just as long to read your story, if not longer, so why not price your short stories the same? Again, for the longest time I dismissed the idea, but I've been thinking a lot about it and you know what? It's a great idea! In fact, it gave me a whole new perspective on how to price my next novel.

The Inner Circle will be my longest novel yet, over 120,000 words, or over 400 pages. That's a long novel, and should take readers hours to read. In fact, if they read straight through, they might be able to finish the novel in ... what, six, seven, eight hours? I guess it all depends on reading speed. Still, if we can compare short story prices to coffee prices, I figure we can compare novel prices to ... how about airline prices?

Yes, I just checked Virgin America flights from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. That's about six hours, if not less, with no layover. And the price? Well, it depends on the time of day, but let's go with $300 one-way.

So, with that in mind, the price of The Inner Circle when it's release will be $299.

If you think about it, that's a bargain!