Do What Feels Right For You

I took a little break from blogging this week. Not something I had planned to do so much as just I didn't feel like blogging. Sometimes it becomes exhausting trying to come up with new material to entertain you people. And truthfully, because of incoming links and whatnot, traffic to my blog stayed pretty consistent, so that's sort of interesting for those who think you must blog every day to get people to come to your website. Anyway, I did want to check in to give my two cents on the ever continuing debate about traditional publishing vs. self publishing. And my advice is simply what the title of his post says: Do what feels right for you.

If you want to self-publish, self-publish.

If you want to go through a traditional publisher, go through a traditional publisher.

If you want to go with a third option, go with a third option.

I swear, it always seems everyone keeps talking in circles, arguing their points into the ground that even the ground starts to get sick of hearing it.

Most importantly, though, don't make decisions based on what other people will think. You are, after all, the one that counts, and if you strongly believe in doing what you want to do, then do it.

Yes, I've started really getting into the self-publishing game and, so far, it's become a good bet. Not many other writers are so lucky, while others are even luckier. Have I turned my back completely on traditional publishing? No. The novels I've self-published have, after all, been novels that were previously shopped around and which were ultimately passed on (well, except for The Serial Killer's Wife, but that's another story). They were novels that I felt in my heart were still worth readers' attention, and so I decided instead of collecting virtual dust on my hard drive, I might as well set them free and see what happens. And so far, so good.

Yes, publishing is changing, and yes, everyone has opinions. It's important that, in the end, you don't parrot someone else and instead form your own opinion and stick by it no matter what.