I Can Finally Now Add www.briankeene.com To My CV

Ever since I was a little boy, my lifelong dream was to write a guest blog post for Brian Keene. And, well, that day has finally arrived, which means it's time I can retire from all this writing nonsense. Or ... on second thought, I guess I might as well keep doing this writing nonsense after all, as it seems to be going well.

Many thanks to Brian for giving me a platform to ramble about ebooks and such. Regular readers of this blog probably won't find anything new there, but go check it out anyway. There are obviously many more things you can do in regards to ebooks -- many of which I talked about this weekend at the GSHW meeting, in fact -- but these are the important basics.

By the way, I somehow ended up with an extra copy of Needle, so if you're interested in winning a free copy, check out the details here. But hurry -- the deadline is midnight, EST.