I'm Part Of The 1%

So this morning I get an email from Goodreads alerting me to the fact that I'm in the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads. Cool!

But here's the thing -- I don't review that much. I mean, I rate the books I read, sure, and sometimes I'll leave a few sentences for a review, but that's it.

Currently my "read" bookshelf only hosts 663 books.

In my mind that ain't a lot to put me near the top 1% of reviews on a site that touts the fact it has over 20 million members.

Now don't get me wrong -- I like Goodreads a lot. The fact that Amazon bought them never rubbed me the wrong way like it did a lot of other people. Amazon owns a lot of major websites you might not even be aware of -- IMDb is the first to come to mind -- and while they might own it, they generally don't make it Amazon-centric. In fact, I also received an email from Goodreads today telling me that a new Dave Robicheaux novel just came out. At the bottom of the email were buy links. Amazon was listed, yes, but so were Barnes & Noble and iTunes. And guess what -- those links actually take you to Barnes & Noble and iTunes! *GASP*

Anyway, my point?

If I'm truly in the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads with only 663 books read (that's not all the books I've read throughout my life, of course, just many that I've remembered and thought to add, though there are also times when I don't list books I've read for one reason or another), then just what are the other 20 million users doing exactly? How many books are they reading? What exactly are most of the users doing other than spamming other users with their latest self-published book?

Anyone else in the top 1% reviewers on Goodreads?


Well then -- IN YOUR FACE!