Newly Edited And Revised

I've been seeing that phrase in a lot of self-published e-book product descriptions lately. Newly Edited And Revised.

Oftentimes there will even be an exclamation point after the phrase, as if it's something to celebrate. Sometimes there's even an addition of Now Proofread! or something along those lines.

When I talk about self-publishing, I always start with the same adage:

Just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should.

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, believe it or not, self-publishing takes a lot of work.

And, believe it or not, a lot of writers are impatient.

I know I am.

But here's the thing -- you as a writer are a brand. This always has to be in the back of your head, especially when potential readers encounter anything in which you're involved. I like to think while I take my writing and self-publishing seriously, I don't take myself too seriously. That's why you might see some silly things said by me on Twitter and Facebook. But when it comes to my work? You better believe I take it very seriously. As should every other writer out there.

You only get one chance to impress potential readers.

Make sure it counts.

Including phrases like Newly Edited and Revised and Now Proofread! come off as amateur. Even if it is true, why bring it to the attention of new readers?

Well, some might say, because that writer got some poor reviews previously for having a bunch of typos and stuff.

Okay, then let me ask you this: Why were those typos there to begin with?

While it's nice giving yourself deadlines when it comes to self-publishing, you still are in complete control. So take a breath. Take a step back. Look at your work extremely closely before you release it into the wild. There isn't any hurry.

That's why The Man on the Bench hasn't been released yet. It's almost ready. But it's not yet 100%. So I'm putting it off for another week or two. You know why? Because I can. Because that's what the work deserves.

So respect your work.

In doing so, you'll also be respecting yourself.