Yes, Man Of Wax Is Disturbing

So I mentioned before how free e-books welcomed one-star reviews, right? Well, Man of Wax just got its first:

I was excited to begin this book as it sounded like it would be different sort of mystery. I prefer mysteries and do not need to tell you that many are very similar. With that said, I read about 15 percent and stopped abruptly when I came to a disturbingly gruesome part. I could not remove this book from my kindle fast enough!

I have to be honest -- I sort of love this review. Yes, Man of Wax is not for all readers. It's disturbing on many levels. In fact, right now it's probably my darkest book. However, the one-star review doesn't play well with Amazon's algorithm, so if you've read Man of Wax and enjoyed it, please considering reviewing it. And if you haven't picked it up yet, I advise you to do so quickly. Like, really quickly.