Ain't She A Beauty?

Well yes, this is a new site -- actual friggin website, baby -- but the title of this post refers to the piece of art below. You see, I recently uploaded my sf action novella The Silver Ring onto Kindle. I set the price so that it would be as cheap as it can get (right now 95 cents), hoping that people will take a chance on something priced so low. Remember, the point of launching the novella wasn't to make money but to try to gain readers.

Anyway, Amazon recommended that I add some kind of image for the cover. But I didn't have any proper images. Fact is, when it comes to graphic art, I'm quite the novice.

So I did what any desperate individual would do -- I contacted an old friend of mine, Wyatt Perko, who makes his living doing graphic design (among other cool things).

I e-mailed him, asking if he could make up a quick image, just a black square with THE SILVER RING and ROBERT SWARTWOOD centered in the middle in white.

All I wanted was something to upload, something to keep that pesky "no image available" off the page.

But what does he do?

The crazy bastard goes all out.

Feast your eyes, people:

I don't know about you, but I love it. Sets the perfect tone for the novella. If the thing were an actual printed chapbook, that's the exact cover I would want. Has an otherworldly, pulpish nature to it that just kicks ass.

So yeah, the novella is available on Kindle right now for the low low low price of 95 cents.

Of course, if you don't own a Kindle (and even if you do), you can still read it absolutely free at the main site.

(Oh and yes, the new website -- I'll post more about that later.)