Gimme Your Penultimate Paragraphs

Next week is Hint Fiction's birthday, so it makes some weird sense that my most recent publications are hint pieces (well, one is a hint piece, the other is slightly longer). "Terms and Conditions" (25 words) appears in issue 7 of The Los Angeles Review, alongside work by Benjamin Percy, Rick Bass, and a slew of other great writers. (My deepest thanks to Stefanie Freele for being kind enough to accept the story in the first place.)

"NSFW" (34 words) appears in the premiere issue of Sententia, alongside work by Roxane Gay, Adam Robinson, and a slew of other great writers. (My deepest thanks to Ryan W. Bradley for accepting the story in the first place.)

I'm thrilled to be included in both publications, and to show just how thrilled I am, I'm having another giveaway/contest, this one in honor of Holden McGroin.

You see, because Narrative didn't seem to want to hire Holden as an intern (I can't imagine why not), his Penultimate Paragraph Contest idea has not seen fruition. So I figured I'd help him out and host the very first Penultimate Paragraph Contest!

What do you need to do to enter? In the comments section simply post the penultimate paragraph of one of your short stories. The stories don't have to be published, but if they are published online, please provide a link so we can check out the rest of your story (note that if you do provide a link, my site might think it's spam and hold it for moderation, so if that does happen, don't fret, it will appear shortly).

Deadline is Friday midnight eastern time, with winners announced at some point during the weekend. This giveaway/contest will have two winners: one person whose penultimate paragraph I'll pick as my favorite, and another person selected randomly. (Note that if you're reading this on Facebook and want to enter, please do so at the main website.)

Come on, people, this will be fun. Get crack-a-lackin!