Give Some Swartwood This Holiday Season

Looking for a great holiday gift? Trying to find the perfect thing for that loved one? How about a signed and personalized copy of any one of my books? I'm running a holiday special on the following titles:

Man of Wax -- 294 pages -- retail $13.95

The Serial Killer's Wife -- 308 pages -- retail $13.95

The Calling -- 342 pages -- retail $14.95

The Dishonored Dead -- 366 pages -- retail $14.95

Phantom Energy: [Very Short] Stories -- 100 pages -- retail $5.95

Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words or Fewer -- 188 pages -- retail $13.95

Buy separately at retail and pay only a dollar -- yes, that's right, ONE DOLLAR! -- for shipping.

Or you can buy more than one and pay only ten bucks for each novel or the Hint Fiction anthology and get free shipping (add Phantom Energy for only five dollars more).

Or you can get all six books -- what I'm calling the ultimate Robert Swartwood package -- for just $50 and free shipping. That's over a $25 dollar savings -- plus free shipping!

But act fast -- this offer is only good until December 10th.

PayPal robert (at) robertswartwood (dot) com with your order (free and discounted shipping only applies within the United States; email first regarding international orders).