Have You Heard The One About Two Bank Robbers?

Issue 2 of 10Flash Quarterly has gone live. The journal is writer K.C. Ball's brainchild, 10 (well, 11) flash fiction pieces published every three months around a common theme. The theme this time around is two people, one of them wounded, on the run following a botched bank robbery.

What's neat is that writers can take the theme in any direction they'd like, in any genre: suspense, horror, fantasy, science fiction, etc. Check out the guidelines for the themes for upcoming issues; they are broad enough that, if your story isn't accepted, you aren't left with an unsellable story (unlike, say, a theme about a tryst between the Lucky Charms leprechaun and the Trix rabbit). Plus, it's a paying market!

Anyway, my suspense story "Two of a Kind," can be found here. Enjoy.