I'm Officially A Bestselling Author

Remember that promo I did for The Serial Killer's Wife last week? Well, it went pretty well. Actually, it went great. The book spent several days in the Kindle and Nook Top 100. I joked with more than one writer friend how I hoped it might even make a bestseller list. Because while I could call myself a bestselling author, everybody and their cousin calls themselves a bestselling author as their books get ranked in genre lists and sub genre lists and sub sub genre lists, that none of it is official anymore. Well, for some strange reason, I visited the USA Today website tonight to check their list and was beyond thrilled to see that The Serial Killer's Wife had made the list at #139. Granted, their description wasn't spot on (the story starts in the Midwest, not Maine), but I can live with that. No doubt the book is going to slip off the chart next week, but I'm okay with that too. So ... yeah. Extremely thrilled. Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy last week, or has purchased a copy in the past. Now go tell your friends to purchase copies too! USA Today