One More Week ...

... until the floodgates open and all hell breaks loose. And you know what?

I can't wait.

Also, I realize I've been neglecting this blog. I try to post at least once a week, which I guess is good enough, but I'd like to try to post more -- at least twice a week would be better, no? The problem is I figure only really important stuff should be taking up space here. Not just random thoughts and publishing links (those I post on Twitter, which is a completely different kind of blogging beast, but one I find myself liking a lot).

Anyway, the only news of interest I've got to share is a local school district is partnering with the local library for a community reading program (Old School by Tobias Wolff) and they're conducting "The Big Write," which is three different writing contests and they'd like to include Hint Fiction as one of the contests and have me be one of the judges.

My response?

Hell yeah!

When more info is made available I'll post it here (and on Twitter, of course).

Tomorrow the plan is to head to a local wolf sanctuary. If we get pictures, I'll be sure to share them here.

Have a great weekend.