Pillar Of Salt

My wife and I just got back from our New York trip, which I'll write more about on Monday. But I wanted to mention that the new Postscripts is now available. Actually, it may have been available for awhile now but I just got my contributor's copy Tuesday. And boy oh boy what a beautiful piece of art it is. Tray cased, signed limited edition, I'm almost afraid to crack the spine. The anthology features stories by Lucius Shepard, Jack Ketchum, Steve Rasnic Tem, Alex Irvine, Catherine J. Gardner, and a slew of others (there are 32 total), including one by little ole me. My story is called "Pillar of Salt," and here is what one of the reviewers said about it at Tangent Online:

Barbara is a housewife; her husband, Raymond, is a mailman and his boss, John, is coming over for dinner with his wife - what can be more banal?  “Pillar Of Salt” by Robert Swartwood allows us to be a fly on the wall at this dinner and to hear a story of a letter being delivered to the previous occupant of their house, who was also a postman. He suffered dire consequences when he opened a letter which was addressed not to him, but to a man named Jonas Cotton. If any letters bearing that name do turn up they must be turned over, unopened, to John.

It sounds simple enough: just don’t open the item, but along the way we learn of the problems with the marriage, things that happened in the past and so forth. Before the story ends we know a lot more about Barbara’s motivation. There’s also a twist here.  I sort of liked it.

I can understand where the reviewer is coming from. This is a story that was rejected multiple times. Either editors really liked the beginning but didn't care for the end, or they didn't care for the beginning but really liked the end. So it was an immense pleasure to learn that Peter Crowther liked both the beginning and end.

You can read the rest of the review here and order this massive anthology here.

Oh, and I made mention of something exciting on Twitter and Facebook earlier today, but if you happened to miss it, here's a sneak preview of Monday's post: