The Cigarette Tree

I didn't get a chance to post this because of the Hint Fiction announcement (which, if you haven't heard, I'm hosting another contest), but yesterday my story "The Cigarette Tree" was published at Staccato Fiction. It's probably one of my quieter stories. Plus, it's based on true events (well, as a boy I did go and stay with my grandmother for a week or two during the summers, and she did, at one time, smoke a lot, so let's just say it's somewhat based on true events).

In other news, the table of contents has been posted for the edition of the Postscripts anthology I somehow managed to sneak my way into. I still can't believe that happened. And I just got an e-mail from the editor letting us (the contributors) know that the signature sheets are starting to make the rounds. Boy, now I really feel like a real writer! I just hope that when they arrive and I start signing them I don't get so nervous that I throw up all over them. Now that would be a major faux pas, no?