The Express Lane Is Now Open

David Erlewine is a madman. I say that with the utmost respect. The man works a full-time government job, has a family, and is active all over the Internet at different writing sites. Not only that, he's constantly producing work. Don't believe me? Sign onto Facebook in the middle of the night, you're apt to see him online. I swear, the man never sleeps.

In case you didn't know, Dave is also the flash fiction editor at jmww. Their most recent issue (which just happened to launch today) is a special flash issue edited solely by Dave. It's stocked full of some really great writers. You've got Matt Bell, Erin Fitzgerald, Roxane Gay, Scott Garson, Ben Loory, and a slew of other names you no doubt recognize. Dave was thoughtful enough to want to represent hint fiction in the mix, so you'll also find my story "10 Items or Less." It is, as usual, a rather dark tiny piece.