The Honeymooners

I have a new story up at Dark Sky Magazine called "The Honeymooners." It's a story inspired by this news article.

A few weeks ago Kevin Murphy, the editor and publisher of Dark Sky Magazine, emailed me asking if I would be interested in participating in a kind of, well, literary experiment. As he said:

We assign you a particular date in May. On that date, you pick a news story of some sort from the headlines. In reaction to that news story, you come up with a story of your own, or it can be a poem, or an essay, or a piece of art, video, music, etc. All we ask is that the piece you contribute relates to the news headline you choose and that you turn it in to DSM no later than 3 pm Pacific time.

I of course jumped at the chance and the day I was assigned was yesterday ... which I sort of forgot about until, around noontime, I suddenly remembered and went: Oh shit.

I hurried to the computer and started searching the online news and came across a few articles. As I had to head to work later in the day, I only had about two hours to find an article and write the story. So I decided on the news article about a recent in-flight disturbance and, after a few minutes of thinking, knocked out the story. I walked away from it for about a half hour, came back and read through it again, and sent it off. And there you have it.