"The Hunter" At Swedish Zombie

My own special "Robert Swartwood" theme at Swedish Zombie concludes today with the publication of an original short story called "The Hunter." As I noted before, the story takes place in the world of The Dishonored Dead and is, in many ways, a "prequel of sorts" to the novel. It delves more into Philip's backstory and gives a startling revelation -- seriously, even I didn't see it coming. Of course, I wrote the story so it can be read by itself, but readers of the novel will no doubt appreciate it more. Please check it out. (Note: I have added "The Hunter" as a bonus feature to The Dishonored Dead ebook.) In case you missed it last week, Swedish Zombie reviewed The Dishonored Dead, and they liked it. Then over the weekend, they reviewed In the Land of the Blind (really liked it) and Through the Guts of a Beggar (sort of liked it) and then on Sunday they posted an interview with me about zombies and writing and whatnot.

My eternal thanks to Jonny at Swedish Zombie for not only being willing to initially take a look at The Dishonored Dead, but liking it enough to want to devote an entire week at his website for my work. It means a lot, especially as the novel wasn't published by a major press, or any press for that matter. If readers are a writer's best friend, then bloggers who are willing to take chances on self-published books are definitely a writer's second best friend. And if you like zombies, keep an eye on Swedish Zombie, as they plan to feature writers much more famous than me, including David Moody and Jonathan Maberry. Thanks again, Jonny, and keep up the good work!