The Tooth Fairy, Animated

Dustin Grella is one talented dude. He does this amazing kind of animation, as seen by his acclaimed piece Prayers for Peace. He also does this thing called Animation Hotline, where people can call in and talk about whatever and he'll animate it. Of course, he can't animate everything he gets, as he gets a lot of calls, but he tries his best. And he contacted me not too long ago saying he would be interested in doing some animations from the stories in the Hint Fiction anthology and would I be interested? Um, hell yes I was interested! So I emailed all the contributors telling them about this opportunity and a good number called in and read their stories and over the next two weeks Dustin is going to animate some of them. But to start with, he animated my very short story "The Tooth Fairy," which was published at Everyday Weirdness back in 2009. Enjoy, and hey, feel free to give Dustin a call.