What's Coming This Year

The other day I posted the cover for a new novel coming out shortly called Bullet Rain. What the heck is that? Well, I thought I'd share some of the books I plan to release this upcoming year ...

  • LEGION - a standalone novel that takes place in the Man of Wax universe. In many ways it works as a prequel to the trilogy, and characters that appear in this book will show up in the third book. So I guess when this whole thing is complete, it won't be a trilogy at all but a ... saga? Those who have read the book already tell me it's one of my best, so that's certainly promising.
  • BULLET RAIN - a standalone novel that's part of the Holly Lin series, and in fact is set right after the events of No Shelter. Basically we catch up with Nova and the trouble he gets into while driving across the country. There's a lot of action. In fact, I think there's almost too much action. And in the end it sets up the next Holly Lin book called ...
  • THE DEVIL YOU KNOW - second Holly Lin novel, which takes place right after the events of No Shelter.
  • DOWN IN A HOLE - third Holly Lin novel. I actually started writing this over a year ago, but then realized I needed to write The Devil You Know first because, well, the second book should come before the third book, right?

I'm also going to attempt to squeeze in a novella and short horror novel if possible, but mostly I'm concentrating on novels because novels sell the best for me, and as a writer, I want to sell books. Plus, Legion and Bullet Rain are pretty much done, so those should be out relatively soon.

What about the third Man of Wax book? many of you are no doubt wondering.

That will probably be next year. In fact, after the books listed, that's what I plan on tackling. Someone asked me on Twitter the other day if I'll ever conclude the trilogy, and the answer is yes. It's just right now the Man of Wax books sell decently, but nowhere near a demand that would force me to get the third book out ASAP (so, um, if you love the books and haven't reviewed them on Amazon, please consider doing so as that really helps!). No Shelter is actually one of my worst selling books, which is odd, because pretty much everyone who reads it loves it. I think the reason is I originally published it under a pseudonym, and then when I announced it was me, I didn't change the cover, so it still says Z. Constance Frost, who doesn't exist, so maybe there's confusion? The reason I didn't initially change the cover is because the plan was to rebrand the entire series ... but I wasn't going to do that until the second book came out, and again, demand trumps desire. As No Shelter is my slowest moving book, there hasn't been much hurry to continue Holly's adventures. But I'm hoping this year with more books, the series will pick up steam. Also, I mentioned how last year I didn't release much? That's entirely on me. Some stuff in my personal life has been keeping me from producing as much as I'd like, but this year I'm going to do my damnedest to write and publish as much as possible.

Coming later this year, too, is a short story I wrote for a David B. Silva tribute anthology being published by Cemetery Dance. The anthology is called Better Weird and my story is called "Muse." I'm really happy with how the story turned out, and I'm honored to be included in the book.

So that's it for now, though if possible I might even surprise you with more stuff. Or who knows, maybe I will only get to half of this. Basically I'm putting this here as motivation for myself to get my ass in gear. So now, with that out of the way, it's back to work ...