Ignorant People

Yesterday another YouTube video became sort of viral in publishing circles and I'm sure you've probably already seen it but I present it here just in case:


I even posted it on Facebook with the caption "Spoiled Brat!" I was (in case it wasn't obvious) being facetious. After all, the kid is just a kid, not even five years old, and on Christmas morning, what kind of presents does a kid that age want to open? Toys, of course!

It would be different if the kid were, say, ten years old and flipping out that he got a book instead of a toy. But no, this particular child is three, so it's expected, right?

Of course, the kinds of people who regularly comment at YouTube apparently didn't understand this little fact, based on this note by one of the kid's parents regarding the video:

I have deleted a lot of very undeserved negative comments that have been posted....I understand now that without a good understanding of the back history one could make a poor assumption of him....but now i hope you know that he was ONLY THREE YEARS OLD PEOPLE and that he only thought your supposed to get toys for christmas....partly because of how commercialized this holiday has become.....we have since taught him differently..............but just for kicks were gonna wrap books again for him and see what happens....

Personally, if I were a parent I don't think I'd post a video of my child on YouTube in the first place, but this was the choice these parents made. And sure, in some ways, the video's cute, but is it deserving of such snarkiness from those degenerates trolling YouTube? No, of course not. And this is yet another reason why I hate ignorant people.