Mini Blog Tour Day 8

Today I wrap up The Calling’s mini blog tour with a visit to Samuel Rippey. Samuel has a story in the Hint Fiction anthology -- "Civilian" -- and is planning to release a novel of his own in the not-so-distant future. Finally, the big question: has this mini blog tour been worthwhile? It's really impossible to say. Obviously The Calling hasn't cracked the Kindle's Top 100 list, but I didn't expect it to. If anything, the book and I spent a day on someone else's blog where we were introduced to readers who may not have been aware of us before then, and at least that's something, right? I don't know if anyone has really even been "following" me on tour, either. I don't even know if anyone plans to tune in next week for my live reading here on the website. But, well, you just never know, and so that's why we do things like this. And tomorrow? Be sure to check back in tomorrow for something special.