The Man Has Arrived

In the summer of 1922, nine-year-old Ethan’s only worries are chores, having fun, and keeping out of trouble.

But a shadow soon falls over the tiny backwater town of Benton, Pennsylvania that threatens to change everything.

First the cats disappear.

Then the little girls.

After that, the real horror begins.

Praise for The Man on the Bench:

“I absolutely loved The Man on the Bench. It was wondrous, intriguing, sweet, scary, surprising … everything a good story should be.”

-- David B. Silva

The Man on the Bench will be a Kindle exclusive for the next 90 days and can be purchased in the US Kindle Store and the UK Kindle Store. But for you non-Kindle owners, not to worry -- this ebook, like all my ebooks, is DRM-free and can be transferred to any device with a few easy steps found here.

Finally, there may or may not be a special "hidden" bonus story located somewhere in the ebook, just as you may or may not want to wait a few days in case this ebook becomes free as a special promotion. I mean, stranger things have happened ...