Well This Is Interesting

Sometimes when I'm sitting at the computer but not really working at the computer -- like tonight, while I was signing copies of Man of Wax for the Goodreads giveaway winners to ship out tomorrow -- I'll listen to some music on YouTube. Which was why, just a few minutes ago, I was listening to The Black Keys' latest single "Lonely Boy" and happened to look up near the end of the song and saw that the ad on the side was for Barnes & Noble and featured -- can you guess it? -- this:

That's right, people, I managed to score a screenshot before the ad changed completely.

Mostly to prove that what I saw was real and that I'm not going crazy.

Also because it's pretty neat.

In all honesty, somehow the ad no doubt detected cookies on my computer for the last few times I've been to the B&N website and created a recommendation list based on that (after all, I was just there earlier today to grab the link for the Man of Wax page for this post).

So it probably doesn't really mean much.

But still, no advertising dollars out of my pocket, so that's sorta cool, no?