B&N Customer Review Of The Day

Today, according to Smashwords, The Silver Ring has been downloaded 1,000 times at the site. What this means exactly, I'm not quite sure. Even though someone downloads it -- and with Smashwords you can download a number of different formats -- it doesn't necessarily mean anyone is actually reading it (which, despite what some people may say, I think is the most important part). Sale numbers and download numbers are nice, but even with 1,000 downloads, what exactly does that mean? If people are reading it, are they enjoying it or hating it or just very indifferent about it? The novella has been reviewed twice at Amazon, a few times at Goodreads, zero times at Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble has this thing where you can just put star ratings, and according to the site, it has been reviewed eight times with only one customer review:

Not sure if you can see the customer review there at the bottom right-hand corner, so here it is closer up:

Um, yeah. Everyone always says how Amazon reviewers are the crazy ones, but I think we just found one here at B&N. Personally, I think it's hilarious ... at least from what I can even understand based on the "review" written. Apparently this prissy58 is upset that she wasted her time on a very short book which, mind you, is free. Also, the introduction at the front of the novella states the length, but whatever. I just found this amusing and wanted to share. They say customer reviews are important for potential readers, and maybe that's true. I wonder if potential readers to The Silver Ring will be turned off by prissy58's comment. Let's also hope prissy58 doesn't download the free version of Through the Guts of a Beggar as that's even shorter!