Can You Say Scam?

From Publishers Weekly:

Red Wheel/Weiser Conari Press, in collaboration with Hampton Roads and Hierophant Publishing, are entering the self-publishing market for spiritual and self-help authors. The companies have formed Turning Stone Press which will be under the director of Red Wheel /Weiser Conari publisher Jan Johnson.

The press will offer editorial and production services including copyediting, book and cover design that will be overseen by Red Wheel/Weiser’s art and production directors. Red Wheel president Michael Kerber noted that the entire publishing process “is managed 100% by us. We do all the work.” Turning Stone will charge a one-time fee of $7,500 and authors will be paid on a royalty basis. “There are no hidden charges,” said Kerber, noting that if a book takes off, the additional printing costs will be covered by Red Wheel. “We’ll treat [Turning Stone] titles like any other Red Wheel book,” he said.

Print and digital editions of each book will be produced and listed on Amazon and, as well as other retail channels. Both formats will be featured and sold on a dedicated Turning Stone Press Web site in addition to Red Wheel/Weiser’s main site. Turning Stone will also provide a press release and marketing plan for each book and Kerber said Turning Stone will support events the author creates.

Red Wheel/Weiser Conari Press have long focused on the spiritual and self-help market and Johnson said the launch of Turning Stone will “complement our existing publishing programs.” Kerber noted that with publishing undergoing tremendous change “this is a different type of service we can offer.”

How much ridiculousness did you spot in those four paragraphs? Go!