Disturbing Google Search Of The Day

I always get a kick out of the search engine terms people use to stumble onto my blog. Mostly it's either my name (or my evil twin brother Robert Smartwood) and hint fiction, but sometimes a few oddball ones slip through. Like currently I'm getting a lot of hits from people searching "webbed feet" and "ashton kutcher webbed feet" because of this blog post concerning my story "Excerpts From The Journal Of A Boy With Webbed Feet." Not too long ago someone searched "the silver ring by robert swartwood how many pages" which is interesting considering The Silver Ring is an e-book and doesn't actually have pages in the literal sense. But today I got a real doozy worth sharing. Are you ready for it? "wach my wife strip inpublic"

Yes, you read that right. Not only can't the poor pervert spell watch, he (she?) thinks in public is one word. And if that wasn't disturbing enough, this whack-job was sent to my website!

As it turns out, if you Google that phrase, this blog post comes up about my vacation in Vegas, where I talk about the "strip" and how cool it would be to "watch" the lights approaching at night when landing and how "my wife" and I had breakfast at Denny's and how that Hangover T-shirt is something you would never really wear "in public." So yeah, a bit disturbing, but what can you do?

Make sure to tune in tomorrow at noon(ish) here on the East Coast for a very exciting and cool announcement concerning a new giveaway contest. Here are two keywords to give you a hint: "ultimate" and "flash fiction."