Have I Mentioned Our New Friend?

Monday the wife and I brought home a new little furry creature. We left the store thinking it was a male -- at least that's what the prepubescent clerk with the braces and acne told us -- but when we got home we started to suspect it was a female. Yesterday I took him/her to the vet for a checkup (picture below) and even the vet isn't 100% certain at this point, as guinea pig genitalia, he claims, is too similar this early in the animal's life (only a few weeks old). Having stated that fact, he did relent that he was 99% certain it's female but won't know for certain for at least another month or so. Anyway, right now we haven't decided what to name her. My wife wants to call her Mohawk (Mo for short). I'm leaning towards the ever-ambiguous Charlie ... after the late great Charlie Sheen, of course.

Did you know guinea pigs eat their own poop? Neither did we until Monday night, when my wife was holding the guinea pig and it kept ducking down every half minute and started chewing something. Apparently this is called coprophagia, and it's a natural thing. Still, we need to teach her this isn't very ladylike. I mean, girls stop eating their poop come middle school, right? That's what I always learned.

*  *  *

On a much more serious note, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims over in Japan. For those interested, here's the link to the Red Cross's donation page.