It's Jersey Circus, Bee-otch!

All right, so I have a love-hate relationship with reality TV. Everything about it is just awful and pointless, but I, like everyone else, keep getting sucked in. Some shows I never had any desire to watch, like Survivor and The Amazing Race (basically anything on CBS). I did, however, really get into The Apprentice, especially The Celebrity Apprentice. And of course back in the day I sometimes watched The Real World. (Especially the one in Las Vegas. Anyone remember that one? That one was crazy.) So it would make some weird sense, I guess, that I just recently got into watching Jersey Shore thanks to good ole Netflix. When the first disc arrived in the mail (unfortunately the show isn't streaming instantly ... yet), my wife gave me one of those looks and said something to the effective that she couldn't believe I wanted to waste my time. But I talked her into watching the first episode which was just as big of a train-wreck as you'd think it would be. And with every episode that progressed, the show just got crazier and crazier, which of course translates into being more and more entertaining.

Because that's the sad part about reality TV, isn't it? It's a mirror into our culture: our entertainment is pure sensationalism and ridiculousness and we love it when normal people who somehow become "celebrities" act like fools.

Of course, our culture currently has a thing for mash-ups, too, and if you're a fan of both Jersey Shore and The Family Circus (which, let's face it, you probably aren't), then you need to check out the mash-up blog Jersey Circus, which takes dialogue from Jersey Shore and adds it to different Family Circus cartoons (just like those Kanye West and New Yorker mash-ups, which are brillant too). Here are five to enjoy.