Kindlegraph & Live Reading

One big challenge about ebooks is it's more difficult to connect to readers than with print books. Because, in theory, at least with print books you can do public readings and signings and meet readers and create bonds that way. With ebooks ... not so much. But there are a few services trying to reestablish that connection between writer and reader. Kindlegraph is one of them, where readers can request personalized inscriptions from their favorite writers. Granted, the inscription and signature aren't real, but it's a start. Anyway, all of my ebooks are listed here for anyone interested in getting a "signature" from me. (Autography is another service that requires much more setup and, at least on my part, more investigation but has a lot of promise.) Also, I'm thinking about doing a quick live reading tomorrow night here on the website. It would just be a few stories from Phantom Energy. In fact, I'm open to suggestions of what stories to read (table of contents found here); feel free to leave those in the comments section. I think I'll shoot for 7 pm EST, so if you're bored around then, please feel free to stop by.