Micro Help Wanted

The deadline to submit a story for the 5th Annual Micro Award is fast approaching. In fact, despite posting the guidelines here back in October, I almost forgot about it completely. I've been fortunate with the Micro Award in the past -- two years a finalist, one year a runner-up -- and while I don't really see my luck holding out much longer, I figure it still doesn't hurt to submit something.

And looking back at the stories I've published this past year, I see that I haven't really published much at all. 2010 saw sixteen stories published in both online and print, while 2011 saw only six stories published only online, and the majority of those were at the beginning of the year, meaning most of them had been accepted in 2010. Obviously, my focus has been elsewhere this past year, but still, that's a pretty low number.

Anyway, I decided there are two strong stories to submit, but I can only submit one, and here's where I would like your help. I'm split between my stories "Fright X" from Storyglossia and "Crash Test Dummy" from PANK -- one real, one surreal. If you have a few minutes and can check them out (or if you've already read them when they were first published), let me know which you think I should send. That would be great.

Of course, if the story I end up submitting doesn't place as a finalist, I will blame you endlessly, so no pressure!