Mrs. Betty Richard Strikes Back

So I thought Holden McGroin's fun with Mrs. Betty Richard was over. Apparently not. The day after I posted our correspondence I received this email from "her":

Good day Holden, As regards to your last email i received from you,it is like you are not interested in doing what i am asking from you.It's so painful to come across unserious person like you,let me know if you are ready for this with a positive heart and focus..Awaiting your next email.

Thanks, Betty Richard

So my first reaction was, Seriously? You're REALLY going to try to make me feel bad for not taking this whole thing seriously?

And then my second reaction was, Okay, I'll play along.

My response (again, all of my misspellings and whatever else are intentional):

Mrs. Betty Richard! I am so happy to here from you! Indead i must aplogize for my last email. You see over the weekend i was in terible auto accident. I am fortunate to be safe but am in pain and was on many medication so i responded to your email with hastey eyes. Alas i have no health insurance so my bills are very steap!! So yes, i am interested in doing what you ask for your money. Yours, Holden McGroin

Mrs. Betty Richard's reply the next day:

Am sorry about your accident you had,do have a quick recovery..

Here I thought I may have lost the elusive Mrs. Betty Richard completely. I didn't want to press things, so I replied:

Thank you so much Mrs. Betty Richard!! That is so nice of you to say. And I am to sorry about your contacting AIDS. Again any help I can give I will try my bestest.


Holden McGroin

The next day, the big payoff came through:

Good day Holden,

Thanks for your nice compliment,well this is the way to contact my lawyer.

My Attorney have the document of this fund and i will advice you to contact him so that he will issue you this document, before you contact my bank. Please contact Barrister James Bin Barrie, email ( and his phone number is +60102426651 please send him an email or call him OK but it will be nice after you have send him email then call him to inform him so that he will issue you this document and you are 100% assured that you will receive this funds but in one condition you must be honest to your word and carry out this project for me.

i want you to know that I will be very much happy if you donate half of this fund to Charity as you have promised me OK and please act the way you said to me and pray for me too and once you contact my attorney just let me know and I will love to meet with you as soon as you receive this funds and even am doing all this but have never meet with you once, I just hope you are a honest person and please carry out this project with all your heart, my lawyer will help you to do everything you need to receive this funds OK and i will try and open my laptop to see if I will read from you OK may God bless you.

I am hoping to read from you again.

Mrs Betty Richard. Of Paper Merchant Industry, Address.3 Manchester Rd Partington, Manchester, Trafford M31 4FB, UK

What's interesting is if you Google "Barrister James Bin Barrie," you'll find he is quite the generous fellow. Why, there are many other dying woman who are using his services to give all of their money to complete strangers. Truthfully, we need more selfless people like him to make the world a better place. As for Holden McGroin, well, he's getting a little tired with people constantly offering him money, so as of right now, he is retired. He sends his regards.