My Word Is My Bond

I got a private message from someone via Goodreads tonight. This isn't something new. Oftentimes a reader will contact me through my author page there, and occasionally I'll get a writer asking me if I'd be interested in their book since I reviewed and liked a book they think is similar to theirs. But the message I got tonight, well, it takes the cake. The subject said simply: Heh Ho.

The message, after an address and phone number:

Anyone who sends me a hardcopy book is guaranteed a review on both Amazon and Goodreads. Dictum Meum Pactum.

Thanks for reading all the way down,


The Xs, of course, replace the person's name. And that little ditty of Latin? It means "My word is my bond." How quaint.

So, you know me, I clicked on this troll's person's profile and found some interesting stuff. Like, this person is ranked among the top 25 "top reviewers" on Goodreads. This person is also among the top 100 "best reviewers" on Goodreads. Even more, this person is among the top 50 "top users" on Goodreads ... whatever that is.

More fun facts:

  • 909 books read
  • 26 books currently-reading
  • 2437 books to-read

Neat, huh?

Now here's the really cool thing.

Are you ready?

This person just joined Goodreads this past September.

Heh Ho.