RIP Tony Scott

Sad news, this:

Tony Scott, director of blockbusters Top Gun and Days of Thunder, jumped to his death Sunday from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, authorities said.

According to the Associated Press, Scott, 68, climbed a fence on the bridge and jumped around 12:30 p.m. One report quoted a coroner's report that said Scott jumped "without hesitation."

I've always really liked Tony Scott. He was a true auteur, especially with his later films. His style was so distinct and fresh that I looked forward to any movie he made, even if some those movies were so-so. While the press is going to continuously spout Top Gun and Days of Thunder because of the Tom Cruise connection, I would have to say True Romance and Man on Fire are my two favorite films of his. But there were several others I really enjoyed. The Last Boy Scout, Enemy of the State, Spy Game, Deja Vu. I even liked Dominio and The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 and Unstoppable for what they were.

It's a real shame what happened. Clearly there was a lot going on. You don't just climb a fence on a bridge and jump to your death for the hell of it. Hopefully everything gets sorted out quickly.

Tony, you will be missed.