Three Inhuman Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in "An Inhuman Little Contest." The turnout was pretty good, enough so I can give away three copies of the magazine. A lot of imaginative "captions" too, though I'm not sure if it should worry me that a number of people had a "Robert" as the character being eaten. For those interested, I stole the novelette's title from Hamlet. And those things consuming the guy in the picture is actually supposed to be long grass ... which isn't really grass but something else ...

Anyway, I wrote each person's name who commented on separate Post-It notes, folded each twice, then put them all in a hat and had my wife select three random winners. And those winners are --

  • Brenda Stokes
  • Chris Chartrand
  • Jason Thummel

If the three of you wouldn't mind e-mailing me your addresses at robert (at) robertswartwood (dot) com, I promise to just send you a copy of Inhuman and not resell those addresses to the ShamWow people no matter how much they offer me :-)

And to everyone else, thanks again for participating. To paraphrase an American icon, you are what this blog is all about.