Hockey Of The Bulls

Over the weekend my wife and I went with my parents up to Harrisburg for a rodeo. My dad has always been a fan of bull riding, and for the last three years we've gone to see the show. It's always a gamble going into one of these events -- so much depends on the bulls, the riders, the rodeo clown, et cetera, on whether or not it will be a good show. Fortunately this year's show was pretty good. I'd posted some pictures on Twitter during the show, but I also filmed some of the action (using my phone, so the video is a bit raw). I thought about showing some clips of the actual bull riding, but ultimately it's not as exciting as the clip below. Called Bull Hockey, two pairs of barrels are set up like goals, and two teams (people from the audience, not actual cowboys) are trapped in there with a bull. The idea is to get the bull to pass through your goal as many times as you can. The team with the most points at the end wins some kind of cash prize. As you can imagine, it's not quite the safest game in the world.