Like A Scene Out Of SPEED

Thanks once again to everyone who spread the word and became a fan of Hint Fiction on Facebook. Also, the anthology is now up for pre-order at Barnes & Noble. It's discounted a little over 30% off the cover price, just as it now is at Amazon, for $9.41. That's about how much you'd spend to see the remake of Clash of the Titans, so why not save yourself the time and aggravation of wasting two hours of your life on crappy CGI and help support the arts. (Yes, that's right, I did just say the arts).

Below now is a pretty crazy video. Here's the official description:

Two women are under arrest after brawling with a Detroit city bus driver. The duo were reportedly furious after the driver picked up one, but closed the doors before the second boarded. He stopped, but the women were enraged.