On Time Travel Nostalgia

So tonight I watched the first two episodes of Alcatraz, and so far it's okay, I guess. Will probably give it a few more episodes before I make my final decision on whether to stop watching completely. I will say it's a tad more entertaining than the pilot of Touch, which was okay in and of itself, but as an entire series? Seems it will get redundant way too fast. Anyway, while watching Alcatraz I was reminded of two awesome things from my past.

The first was, obiviously, The Rock, which was directed by Michael Bay back when Michael Bay made decent movies. Now, before you give me grief, keep in mind The Rock came out in 1996, so I was just a freshman in high school at the time, and movies like The Rock were just the, you know, greatest. That's why I believe Michael Bay peaked after Armageddon, which was only his third movie; after Pearl Harbor it was all downhill. Oh what, Michael Bay, you think Pearl Harbor was your best? Well then, Sean Connery has something to say to you.


It's been a few years since I saw The Rock last, but I've been itching recently to watch it again, even before tonight, so hopefully I get a chance to catch it soon. Unfortunately, I just checked and it's not streaming instantly on Netflix. Why, Netflix, why?

The second awesome thing from my past was the short-lived television series Time Trax. Does anyone even remember Time Trax? No? Well, maybe this will refresh your memory.


Corny, right? Well, maybe by today's standards (though future generations will no doubt look back at all the CSIs and snigger), but the show came out in 1993, and I was only twelve at the time, so cut me some slack.

Embarrassing fun fact: At the time I was so taken with the idea of Time Trax, I (like most aspiring writers "borrowing" ideas) came up with my own television show with basically the same very idea. Only it starred a kid. And the word time was in the title, but I forget what it was paired with. I even wrote a script, though I'm sure it's long gone, and rightly so.

Actually, while we're on the topic of favorite cheesy TV shows from my childhood, does anyone remember this one?